Some things we really like


Comme des moutons – like sheep! These chunky crochet cat beds promise what their name suggests. They are handmade in Rotterdam by two lovely women called AnneWil and Rose, who use 100% natural wool yarn (either uncolored or dyed according to strict EU standards) to create ecofriendly, beautiful and comfortable places for your cat to relax in.

Wool beds are a hit with many cats, not only ours. This is due to a natural substance called Lanolin, otherwise known as wool-wax. It’s secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals. For sheep, Lanolin helps their coat repel water. Most cats find Lanolin very relaxing – making wool the perfect material for their beds!


Most pet houses are at best a functional solution with poor design. Atanas and his employee, two architects with a passion for animals, decided this needed to end and founded Pets on Place. After 2 years of hard work and over 20 different prototypes, they designed the perfect pet house to play with, chill in or stand on.

The packaging is kept to a minimum to save ressources and the assembly is very easy and straight forward. Especially Cleo loves the house and brings her toys inside to play with them alone and ‚unsupervised‘, which is adorable.


This toy might look unusual but let me tell you – it’s amazing. We’ve had it for months and it’s still the toy our cats play the most with. It’s a 20″ x 34″ durable sheet with crinkle paper sewn in the edges. The velcro hooks on two corners allow you to hang it somewhere. Our cats just randomly pounce towards it to detach it from underneath the table, allowing them to play with it on the floor. Since it’s a little see-through, old, boring toys can even be reintegrated into your play sessions by covering them up with the Sheer Fun.

Especially Momo can be very hard to motivate, which is why we absolutely love the Sheer Fun. It helps us make the cats go nuts and run around, which is essential for their physical well-being.



Unlike humans, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning that they must eat meat to survive. They get certain key nutrients from meat—including taurine, vitamin A and vitamin B12 – that can’t be sufficiently obtained by any other food group.

After testing around a lot, we decided to feed Catz Finefood. A lot of meat, no sugar, no grains, no artificial aromas or preservatives, no formed meat, no bone flour and GMO-free. Ingredients are thoroughly declared for maximum transparency. All the facilities are based in Germany to avoid stressful animal transports. Oh, and the company donates literally tons of food to many different shelters around Germany every year!

There are a lot of great brands out there. Feel free to message me for tips, interesting food companies or any other issues you feel to share!


P.L.A.Y. makes high quality pet products with pets, people, and the planet in mind. What strikes me most is that this is not one of these marketing lines that don’t mean anything. They literally use recycled bottles and turn them into their soft PlanetFill® polyfiber to fill their pet beds.

Their cat toys are amazing too: hand-made, filled with organic catnip from the US, machine washable and extremely durable. The employees are the nicest people on earth, which makes working with them an absolute joy too!


We discovered the Minoumi catnip toys when they were still a kickstarter project and immediately fell in love with them. While the beautiful patterns make them look like design-accessories, the triangular pyramids have the perfect shape. Cats bite, nudge and kick them, constantly making the toys move. Momo and Cleo had hours of independent fun!

The special catnip mix is embedded in different layers of high-quality cotton. Minoumi pyramids are therefore a lot more durable than other toys. Obviously that depends on your cats – the things we buy usually don’t have that long of a life span though. All in all, definitely a brand you should check out!


It’s no secret that feline obesity rates slowly rise around the globe. Part of the problem is a lack of exercise. Many cat owners (I’m sure you’re not one of them) get a pet without thinking about their nature, their instincts and their need for physical fitness. One solution to the problem could be catwalks mounted to the wall and on the ceiling. I started doing a little research and stumbled upon Goldtatze.

This company manufactures hand-made catwalks in a great variety and really is worth mentioning here. Before the launch, the lovely couple placed their products in shelters to see if they could withstand the toughest conditions. You should know that shelters generally have a high number of cats using the facilities, which are regularly cleaned with steam jets (100 degrees celsius!). The result? It didn’t affect the catwalks at all.